The SGA office on the Student Union's second floor. (Brett Bissell)

Student Government President Josh Bolona announced his nominees for his executive cabinet during this week’s senate meeting.

Every year the incoming SGA President nominates their own cabinet and then asks the senate to approve them. This year’s executive cabinet is made up of 12 members, whose position’s focus on various aspects of student life.

“Throughout our campaign, Jad and I knew that if elected, our success towards the student body was heavily dependent upon not only the quality of the members of cabinet, but also its culture,” Bolona wrote in a letter to students. “We envisioned our cabinet to be a team of the best student leaders on our campus, who each have a specialization towards certain student interests and passions. Our vision extended on the fact that the team should have balance in multiple dimensions. In our effort to find this, we sought out diversity. Diversity in personality. Diversity in thought. Diversity in campus involvement. If accomplished, we would create a cabinet that reflects our student body with the common value of servant leadership.”

See Bolona’s nominees below:

Chief of Staff: Emily Nole
Deputy Chief of Staff: Antione Fields
Comptroller: David Sidhom, Comptroller
Attorney General: Kyler Gray
Director of Academic Progress: Sierra Clare
Director of Rights: Ryan Klimas
Director of Wellness: Katherine Taylor
Director of Empathy and Equality: Ashley Stewart
Director of Innovation: Madeline Mills
Director of Unity: Valentina Durango
Director of Communications: Joseph Cubow
Director of Service: Darwins Olcima

Six of these nominees will be questioned by the senate next Thursday May 24, while the remaining nominees will be questioned the following week.

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