A University of Central Florida football player was arrested and charged on a charge of sexual battery to a physically helpless person, after an off-campus party, according UCF PD.

Demetrius Mayes, a freshman outside linebacker from south Florida, told investigators he met the victim at an off-campus party. After, Mayes, a group of individuals and the victim went back to his room on the second floor at Tower 4 “with the intent of engaging in sex,” according to the report.

Mayes told investigators he took his clothes off and then proceeded to help the victim take her clothes off. Mayes says the victim consented to engage in sex. Mayes goes on to tell investigators he began to engage in sexual intercourse but then stopped when the victim told him “I can’t do this.” Mayes said he stopped, heard his teammates knocking on his bedroom door, allowed the victim to get dressed, and then unlocked the door and allowed her to leave. Mayes said the victim was crying as she left the room.
Witnesses told police they believed Mayes took the intoxicated victim to his bedroom and they were concerned Mayes was about to make a “big mistake,” according to police. The witnesses knocked on Mayes’ door for several minutes and told him not to have sex with her. Two teammates/witnesses assisted the victim downstairs to the lobby after she left Mayes’ room.

Mayes was arrested Tuesday night and is being held without bond.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for updates.