Orlando lawyer Chad Barr will be leading an effort to bus dozens of fans and alumni to College GameDay in Jacksonville.

The Facebook group “UCF to the CFP,” along with fan club “Knight Watch,” organized two buses “to show what UCF Nation is all about.” A short drive to Jacksonville built a quick roster of those planning to attend.

Alumni and former players made generous donations to fund the caravan, either with cash or by seats. UCF Athletics offered to make and donate props and signs, similar to what was broadcasted last Saturday in Pullman (a flashing UCF sign), according to the group.

Coincidentally, College GameDay host Kirk Herbstreit had a hot take last Saturday on the Knights that motivated the UCF-faithful to get a message across: that they won’t back down to anyone while on the path to playoff consideration.

“Why are we focusing on just UCF when it comes to the Power 5 because I think there are other teams out there that are as deserving or more deserving?” Herbstreit said during the GameDay segment.

“You need to play somebody in order to be rewarded. UCF, you need to not just be worried about being undefeated and trying to get in the top four, you need to look behind you at teams like Utah State, Appalachian State, Fresno State. These teams, on paper, which is what you want to look at a lot of times, are better than UCF and more deserving than UCF.”

A broader ambition by those who are leading the event is to model fan activity close to what Orlando City soccer has with Ruckus Club. The atmosphere would change UCF’s presence at home and even away games, with recruits, fans, students, and alumni enjoying events surrounding the game.

While those fans don’t plan on attending the actual game, the message they will send will hopefully persuade an audience to give the Knights a chance, the group said.

ESPN will broadcast the opinion segment before the No. 9 Florida versus No. 7 Georgia matchup on Saturday.

UCF Director of Athletics Danny White penned an invitation to ESPN to ‘help fix a broken model,’ referring to the Power 5 sympathetic and their opinion of the disenfranchised half of college football.

UCF AD Danny White Invites College GameDay to “join us” in fixing a “broken model”