The Chief Operating Officer of Foxtail Coffee, David Sievers, has resigned days after a former employee posted an accusation of sexual harassment on her twitter account.

“I reported the COO of the company I was at for sexual harassment,” Twitter user Yeahlisa wrote on Oct.11. “I was told to accept an apology that I felt would not be sincere. I was left for a couple weeks to still work with this person and feel even more uncomfortable then I did when I could just laugh off his comments.”

Yeahlisa continued her initial tweet with an additional five tweets describing Foxtail coffee’s response to her sexual harassment complaint.

“Then when I reported I was still uncomfortable and I would be giving my notice to not work with this person I was told to just not come back, leaving me out the salary that I would have collected,” she tweeted. “Then I was blamed for “rallying” other members of the staff to leave, but in reality,they only stayed because I was there. They were underpaid and treated poorly (also by the same COO) and left by their own choice.”

Yeahlisa went on to write that she believes Sievers’ harassment will not stop because she left. “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again it isn’t me, it WILL be someone else. People like that don’t just stop, especially when they win,” she wrote.

Knight News reached out to Yeahlisa for additional comment but she did not immediately reply.

Earlier this year, Foxtail Coffee opened on the University of Central Florida’s main campus bookstore and has been extremely popular with students.

Knight News reached out to UCF for comment but the school did not immediately reply.

Foxtail Coffee issued a statement via Instagram earlier today announcing Sievers resignation.

“Foxtail was founded on establishing a safe environment for our team members and guests,” the company’s post read. “We have a strong history of fair and supportive workplace policies and look forward to continuing to implement stronger processes and procedures to support our Foxtail Family moving forward.”

Knight News reached out for additional comment but was told they have nothing to add at this time.