By: Zachary Lange

By: Zachary Lange

Hundreds of kids gathered Sunday afternoon at the University of Central Florida’s Greek Park to participate in the annual Trick or Treat on Greek Street (TOTOGS).


Pop-up tents lined Greek Park Drive as various sororities and fraternities handed out free candy and participated in activities with princesses, ghosts and characters from the popular video game “Fortnite.”

Superhero movie releases such as “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Black Panther” were also major sources of inspiration for costumes. The most popular costume on Greek Park was Marvel’s Iron Man.

The event, which was free to attend for all ages, was aimed at providing all children a safe place to trick or treat.

About 100 kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida participated in TOTOGS. Service Director, Anna Dieuveuil, coordinates activities for kids ages 6-18 for the Boys and Girls Clubs’ Taft Branch, located in South Orlando.

“It’s something about being able to walk down and not have to worry about looking over your shoulder or being aware of wondering, Who is this person that’s giving me candy,” Dieuveuil said. “So it gives them a safe place, a safe alternative towards trick or treating.”

Junior nursing major Mackenzie Waring, who was the co-chairwoman of the event for her sorority, said she hoped the kids had a great time trick or treating. 

“Working with the Boys and Girls Clubs, it’s just something that I love,” Waring said. “I jumped on the opportunity to be involved.”

Waring’s sister and other co-chairwoman, Kelly Kealty, said the event made her remember fond memories of trick-or-treating as a kid.

“When you’re little it’s like your favorite time of the year,” said Kealty, senior health sciences major. “It’s really sad if your kids truly can’t do that.”

Between the pizza party, inflatable castle at Lake Claire, and free handfuls of candy, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon for a grade schooler!