As The University of Central Florida Knights continue to take charge on the field, one fan has taken his own charge in the stands.

Anthony Allan, a freshman civil engineering major, has become a campus celebrity after receiving national attention during UCF’s game versus Florida Atlantic University.

That day was supposed to be just another game day for Allan and his friends. But fate would soon make Allan a star.

“The camera guy he was looking around because it was one of those things where everyone is dancing and looking for people to put in the video,” Allan said. “I thought to myself I’m just going to stare into this camera and maybe he’ll see me.”


Allan’s hunch was correct and soon he found himself locking eyes with the camera man.

“I’m staring at the camera and he sees me and he puts up his finger and he’s like wait a minute wait a minute I’ll put you on,” Allan said.

Throughout the game, Allan continued to stare without emotion at the camera, solidifying his place in Knights history. “Once it happened the first time I kinda had to do it for the rest of the game,” he said.

Knight fans from across the country were instantly drawn to Allans emotionless stare.
Twitter user @Vibin Ibis said, “Stone cold Gold”.

Once Allan became a star he knew he had to outdo himself at UCF’s next home game versus Southern Methodist University.

During the game, Allan, with the help of several friends, could be seen throughout the stadium via shirts, socks and even jumbo head cutouts.

As the game continued, Allan was used as a distraction when the SMU kicker attempted a field goal. The jumbo screen showed an image of Allan’s face with lazers shooting out of his eyes. Allan and the the Experiential Innovation Team in UCF’s Athletics department recorded this prior to the game. While the distraction didn’t work and SMU scored, UCF fans had a good laugh and the legend of the staring kid grew.

Since then, Allan has been recognized all over campus.

“People have been coming up to me asking for pictures and being like, ‘you’re the kid’ and I’m like, ‘yeah I’m the kid,’ ” Allan said.

If you see Allan on campus, feel free to come up to him and say hello and call him anything you’d like, he isn’t picky. “I get the kid with the face a lot or Stoic knight. Any one of those works for me,” he said.

Allan said he has big plans for UCF’s next home game versus Temple on Thursday Nov. 1.