An Orlando radio personality is facing charges of battery on a law enforcement officer following an altercation with UCF police in December.

Marc Tyler Dixon, known as Nailz of The Power 95.3 “Wake Up Show”, is accused of ‘striking’ a UCF police officer on Dec. 7, 2018, the night of the Migos concert at the CFE Arena, according to court records. The local weekday morning show by Nailz and co-host Estee is popular in part by a segment titled the “Carmen Call”: a longrunning prank call segment on the radio station. 

According to the arrest affidavit, two UCF police officers responded to the second floor of the CFE Arena to assist emergency medical services with an ‘intoxicated individual’ shortly after 11 p.m. The ‘intoxicated individual, Dixon, was ‘slurring his speech, stumbling, and getting physical with other concert attendees”, the affidavit claims.

Dixon was later cleared by EMS to exit the arena. According to the affidavit, his friends attempted to escort him outside of the arena ‘by arm’ but Dixon refused, “pushing back and pulling away his arm”. Dixon then stated he needed to urinate and began walking into the men’s restroom with his friends following behind. “Concerned for his well-being and the well-being of the other attendees of the concert”, officers trailed the group into the restroom and observed Dixon with “his back inside of the urinal”, that affidavit stated. Dixon’s friends offered him water and continued trying to help him out of the arena. Dixon resisted their efforts, “stumbling, pulling his arm away, and stepping backwards”, according to the affidavit.

“I stated to him several times that he needed to leave the arena and that he was trespassed”, said officers according to the affidavit.

Dixon eventually exited the restroom and entered the second-floor elevator with friends. Officers met with the group on the ground floor and observed Dixon stumbling to his knees as his friends helped him exit the arena, the affidavit claims.

Once outside, Dixon attempted to re-enter. According to the affidavit, he tried to pry open an arena door and used his legs to keep the door open; officers had to physically separate Dixon from the entrance door. With his friends urging him to leave, Dixon then became ‘combative’, repeatedly telling them that “he did not care” and that he “did not feel comfortable”, the affidavit claims.

Officers again warned Dixon that he is trespassed and needed to leave. Following the verbal warning, officers performed a ‘transport hold’ on him in an effort to “get him off the property”. According to the affidavit, Dixon then threw water on the officer.

As officers were escorting Dixon off of the property, he began to stumble, and his pants fell around his ankles.  “UCF was hosting Light Up UCF, and there were several children present. I assisted Dixon off the ground and pulled his pants up back around his waist.”, the officer wrote in his affidavit.

Police escorted Dixon to the corner of West Plaza drive and sat him on a planter. While seated, Dixon then “struck” the officer on his left shoulder with the “tips of his fingers”, according to the affidavit. The officer told Dixon “that he should not touch me” and that he was “trespassed and needed to leave”, the affidavit read.

Dixon’s friends stood by, urging him to leave with them, but he refused and remained seated on the planter. According to the affidavit, Dixon then “struck” the officer again with his right hand on the officer’s left shoulder. Police placed Dixon under arrest.

According to the affidavit, while under arrest, Dixon refused to get inside of a second officer’s patrol vehicle. “He laid down on the ground and had to be lifted into the officer’s patrol car”, the officer wrote. Once inside, Dixon refused to “sit up straight” and “just laid there”. The affidavit claims that Dixon stated “no” when an officer asked him to sit up, and officers had to physically maneuver him in an “upright sitting position”.

Dixon was transported to the Orange County Jail but was deferred to ORMC after jail staff stated they “did not want to process him until he was seen by a doctor”. The affidavit claims that upon arrival to the jail, “Dixon had so much to drink he had become more intoxicated, vomited on himself, and could not stand on his own”. Two officers were exposed to vomit while transporting Dixon, the affidavit read.

Dixon was later cleared from the hospital and booked into the Orange County Jail. He now faces charges of battery on a law enforcement officer and trespass of an occupied structure.

According to Online Sunshine, in Florida, battery is defined as someone who ‘actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other” or “you intentionally caused bodily harm to the victim”.  As a third-degree felony, battery on a law enforcement officer is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Dixon was released on a bond of $2,500 and has pleaded not guilty to both charges, according to court records. His hearing is scheduled for Feb. 21 at the Orange County Court House.

A Knight News request for comment from Dixon went unanswered.