A Trump supporter who was arrested outside of Tuesday night’s campaign rally has apologized for slapping the hand of an Orlando Sentinel reporter recording him with his phone.

Knight News questioned Daniel Patrick Kestner, 51, about his arrest as he exited the Orange County Correctional Facility Wednesday morning.


Kestner, who is from Saint Augustine, was reluctant to speak with Knight News at first — but when pressed, did share that he was sorry.

“Are you sorry for hitting the reporter’s phone, sir?” Knight News asked.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Kestner said, adding that he was “100 percent” remorseful, and “had no idea” that the man recording him was a news reporter.

Kestner also asked for Knight News to extend an apology to the Sentinel reporter, Michael Williams, who posted the incident on his Twitter.

According to Orlando Police records, Kestner faces a misdemeanor battery charge for slapping Williams’ hand.

Prior to slapping the reporter’s hand, the video the reporter posted appears to show Kestner involved in an argument with another man regarding the Trump rally.

Kestner, who is wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, is then seen approaching Williams, telling him to stop recording and then threatening Williams.

“I promise you I’ll kick you in the nuts,” Kestner told Williams, according to the video.

Williams’ cell phone footage then captured Kestner slapping his right hand, which was holding the phone Williams was recording with. Security officials then separated the parties and Kestner was later detained by secret service, before being arrested by OPD, according to Williams’ Twitter.

According to the OPD report, it appeared that Kestner was intoxicated. “The smell of alcohol was emitting from Kestner’s person and was more prevalent when he entered my patrol vehicle,” the officer wrote.

Williams is a UCF grad and former Knight News reporter.

Knight News passed on Kestner’s apology to Williams.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.