See Vortex Amazing, Meet Man Behind It

If you've driven past the intersection of Alafaya and Colonial, or Alafaya and University, in the last week, you probably saw the out-of-place spotlights...

How Limited Edition UCF T-Shirts Are Made

Being UCF students, we’re constantly surrounded by exciting events. And let’s face it, if it’s a good event…there’s got to be a t-shirt to...

UCF Job Fair Sees Half The Companies As Last Year

Students at job fair hopeful but weary UCF students graduating soon are hopeful and confident in the beginning stages of their job search, while recent...

How to Find A Real Job on Craigslist

Finding a job in this economy is tough. And scammers and recruiters are taking full advantage of young job seekers. If you've been using any career hunting website, you know finding a good job is difficult. I've put together a list of the best rules to stick to for finding a real job on Craigslist.

Protected: KnightNews Football Proposal

UKNIGHT Proposal At we love UCF football, and we wondering if you would be interested in advertising with us? Check out the About...

Protected: Custom Proposal

Scoop/Deko Proposal would love for our businesses to advertise each other so that we may grow together. We would like to provide Scoop or...

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