If you’ve driven past the intersection of Alafaya and Colonial, or Alafaya and University, in the last week, you probably saw the out-of-place spotlights beaming into the sky.

Well, that’s because one man, Tom, has decided to raise a side stream of revenue by starting his own business. He has taken a car trailer and transformed it into a “Vortex Amazing.” His self-proclaimed time travel device has been getting much attention from those driving by.


He wrote his huge sign that reads “See Vortex Amazing” using paint and two bed sheets. He pointed a black light at the side of the trailer, along with a flickering strobe light for effect. Anyone driving by cannot help but glare at this site; it is truly a spectacle.

For a charge of just a dollar or two (he has not set a real price yet), anyone can take a walk through the vortex. In order to protect his business secret, KnightNews.com is unable to disclose exactly what resides within the truck; you will have to check it out for yourself. We did, however, go through the Vortex and were thoroughly impressed at the engineering this man has been able to implement into a trailer over the course of 11 months.

Tom works in the construction business, but it is slow at this time of year. He has used his spare time over the last year to put this together in hopes that it will become a lucrative project. He was clear, however, that money was not the sole motive by any means. He really wants to give people an enjoyable experience that they will remember.

When asked how long he will be in that location, he said he will try to stay as long as he can, but since he does not own the land or have a specific permit to do business there, he is at the mercy of the law. “If they come and ask me to leave, I need to leave,” Tom told us.

KnightNews.com definitely thinks you should check this out before he is inevitably forced to leave. He may not be in this location for long, but he has given KnightNews.com his personal contact information and we will keep in touch with him over the next few weeks to track where he is forced to move.

Check it out, and definitely bring your camera. Come back and leave us comments on how you enjoyed your visit and e-mail news@knightnews.com with your photos.