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UCF fraternities and sororities make up thousands of people at the University. KnightNews.com has the most complete rush & recruitment, community service, homecoming dance coverage -- and more of UCF Greek Life.

UCF Confirms Beta Theta Pi Back At UCF

UPDATE 6 P.M. FROM UCF: UCF Spokesman Chad Binette just released this statement to KnightNews.com confirming what we first reported: "Beta Theta Pi and representatives of...

President Hitt Weighs In: Could SGA Senate Election Results Be Thrown Out?

UPDATE 9/30/10- KnightNews.com asked the President of UCF, Dr. Hitt, what he thought of the SGA Senate Elections. See what he said below: Photo evidence...

UCF Zeta Lip Sync Video Replays 2014

KnightNews.com has high quality videos for every group from Zeta Lip Sync 2014! We will begin uploading videos soon after the event. Continue to check...

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