We have all heard about the 1991 “Perfect Storm” and the fate of the swordfish vessel, the Andrea Gail, as dramatized by the book and 2000 film.

But Hurricane Sandy, which passed over Cuba last night, has the potential to collide with an early winter storm from the east and an arctic blast of air from the north, effectively wreaking havoc along the east coast of the United States, according to meteorologist reports.

NOAA forecasters told the Associated Press the storm is likely to hit during a full moon when tides are near their highest, increasing coastal flooding potential. They also warn the storm could end up causing damage in the billions of dollars.

The 1991 “Perfect Storm” did not hit a heavily populated area, causing only an estimated damage of $200 million. This storm however, has meteorologists worried as the mix of air pressures could bring snow, gale force winds and high tides to the eastern coast of the United States and be far worse than the ’91 storm.


The forecasts are still a few days out, as the National hurricane centers only predict five days out. But hurricane center’s chief hurricane specialist, James Franklin, told the AP “the threat keeps increasing for a major impact in the Northeast, New York area. In fact it would be such a big storm that it would affect all of the Northeast.”

We will continue to follow this information and keep you updated about this storms potential.