Just before the JOOX Music Beta Launch Party at The Knights Pub this past Thursday, special guest Autograf’s very own Mikul Wing illuminated the lavish lifestyle of his Chicago-based trio.

Maintaining an eclectic sound called future house, it is evident that Mikul, Jake, and Louis are unique in their own ways and indefinitely rooted in their artistic background as a whole. Attending and launching an “art gallery meets boiler room” soiree around two years ago, the guys created their very own art installations, by hand, no less, of a giant soup can and a ten-foot long cigarette that actually shot smoke into the air.


Picturing this vivacious scene, one can imagine throbbing, danceable bass playing in the background and that is exactly what Autograf provided, fusing their own creations with inspirations stemming from their favorite artists as well. When getting tangled in the midst of another dimension that is house music, it isn’t often that you think about how a song is created and remixed. Mikul interpreted everything stemmed and plugged-in, mentioning the creation of the groups brilliant Marvin Gaye remix.

“Everything we do now are official remixes. There’s a plethora of places you can find (stems) on the internet,” Mikul stated, elaborating upon how the guys are very into the “D.I.Y.” concept when it comes to molding their sound.

Referring to their Swedish House Mafia cover Oneand their recreation of the iconic synth line, Mikul claims that it’s about the “different elements of those songs that really touch you”, always keeping in mind the creative control a group can have over the production of one song.

With their undeniably creative background in graphic design, fine art, and music, Autograf was really just doing what they loved and finding the perfect blend of music and art, without settling into the restraints of what people perceive dance and house music to be.