Photo courtesy of NOAA.

UCF takes steps to ensure students are ready for Hurricane Dorian as the forecast changes. 

The university suspended all activities at all campuses through Tuesday, Sept. 3, including online courses, and any assignments due during that time will be delayed accordingly. The campus may extend this closure depending on the situation, according to UCF’s hurricane announcement


“UCF will only reopen when it is safe to do so, and decisions also will consider other factors, such as damage and power loss throughout the region,” UCF Spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said in an email. 

UCF recommends that students living on campus find a safe off campus location. But for those who cannot relocate they will be able to ride out the storm as follows:

  • Students living in Towers and Northview on the main campus, UnionWest at the downtown campus and at Rosen College will be allowed to remain in their rooms.
  • Students living at on-campus Greek housing, Libra, Apollo, Lake Claire, Nike, Hercules and Neptune will be required to move to the Education Complex ride out location that will open Monday morning.
  • Ride out locations will not provide water, food or other necessities, so students will need to bring their own. UCF also recommends students bring comfort items, such as cell phone chargers, pillows and video games. Power is also not guaranteed at those locations. 

Students riding out the storm are to park in Garage A, their vehicles will not be allowed to leave the garage until a campus “all clear” is given, according to the UCF statement. Students living in on-campus housing will be allowed to leave their vehicles according to their permit. 

Garage I will be available for other students, faculty and staff with valid UCF parking permits to keep their vehicles throughout the storm. They can bring their vehicles, which will not be allowed to leave until the campus reopens, starting Friday at 5 p.m. through noon Sunday.

All other vehicles are not allowed to park at UCF and will be towed away. For more information visit UCF’s FAQ page.

Make sure you’re signed up for campus alerts and are following safety instructions. Knight News will continue to bring you the latest news on Hurricane Dorian and campus updates.