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The UCF Board of Trustees unanimously approved President-elect Alexander Cartwright’s $600,000 contract Tuesday during a teleconference meeting.

Against the voices of 30 UCF Student Government Senators and 40 Faculty Senators — who asked for a delay of the search — Cartwright was named UCF’s sixth president on Friday.


He has one more stop with the Board of Governors before he can officially call himself the sixth president of UCF — if approved by the Board of Governors.

As UCF’s president, he will be entitled to an additional 20% of base salary as deferred compensation as well an annual incentive bonus of up to 50% of base salary based upon performance, documents state.

The contract also includes non-cash compensation including university
housing, car allowance, relocation allowance and club membership, the BOT agenda states.

Any compensation above $200,000 will be paid from non-state sources, the contract states.

The term begins on April 13, 2020 and ends on April 12, 2025 — and may be renewed for one-year terms upon approval of the Board of Trustees and confirmation by the Florida Board of Governors following an annual review of performance, the contract states.

Here is a breakdown of what his contract looks like:

  • Cartwright shall be eligible to participate in all present and future benefit plans maintained by the University for executive service employees.
    • Such benefits shall include, without limitation, health care, disability and life insurance programs, retirement plans, tax-deferred savings plans, flexible spending accounts, and vacation and sick leave.
  • UCF will cover the cost of Cartwright’s reasonable business expenses, including professional dues, meetings, business travel, and entertainment.
    • This includes travel for the President’s spouse or partner.
  • UCF will provide Cartwright with a monthly automobile allowance of $1000, which will be increased 5% per year.
  • UCF will provide a one-time payment of $50,000 for relocation-related expenses.
  • UCF will pay the cost of annual dues and membership fees for mutually agreed upon private club memberships that will facilitate the performance of President’s duties.
    • The University will also pay any dues for professional organizations that the President joins for the benefit of the University.
  • Cartwright shall reside in the University-owned Burnett House, at the University’s expense, during the term of the contract.
  • UCF will provide staff with responsibilities for grounds-keeping, repairs, housekeeping services, and general maintenance of the Burnett House and cover all related expenses, including utilities. For the convenience of the University, the Burnett House shall be available and shall be used for University-related business and entertainment on a regular and continuing basis.
    • Costs associated with such University events shall be paid by the University. If it is not feasible to entertain at the Burnett House due to a large number of invited guests, the University shall provide Dr.Cartwright with another location suitable to host such events and will bear the costs.
  • Cartwright shall not engage in any activity that may be competitive with or adverse to the best interests of the BOT and his duties.
  • Cartwright will be granted a tenure with hire faculty appointment at the rank of professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, with all rights and privileges associated with such an appointment.
  • The BOT may terminate Cartwright’s contract and employment at any time for any one or more of the following:
    • Negligence, inattention, or unwillingness to perform his duties.
    • Breach of agreement.

Cartwright will be considered by the Florida Board of Governors on Wednesday. If the Board of Governors gives its final approval, his contract will be effective beginning April 13.


Cartwright previously served as provost and executive vice chancellor at the State University of New York, according to his C.V.

On March 13, search firm consultant Alberto Pimentel introduced the “high visibility candidate” the firm had been hiding for “many, many weeks.”

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