A couple weeks ago, KnightNews.com e-mailed and facebooked every fraternity president listed with OF&SL offering to come interview them about what they think makes their fraternity unique, and to speak directly to potential pledges thinking of joinining. Here are their video responses, in order they replied to us:

Delta Tau Delta – Nicknamed “Delts”

Chapter Web site: http://www.zoDelts.org/
Chapter House? Yes. Rents off campus.
Philanthropy: Adopt-A-School Program

Phi Delta Theta – Nicknamed “Phi Delts”


Chapter Web site: http://www.PhiDeltUCF.com
House? Yes. Rents off campus.(But bought new house being remodeled now).
Philanthropy: Lou Gehrig’s Foundation

Sigma Chi – Nicknamed “Sigs”

Chapter Web site: http://www.orlandosigmachi.com/ucf/
House? Yes. Owns on campus.
Philanthropy: Childrens’ Miracle Network

Lambda Chi Alpha – Nicknamed “Lambda Chis”




(Lambda Chi passed on the video interview,
but asked to be listed in our Greek guide)





Chapter Web site: http://www.lambdachi.org/
House? Not currently
Philanthropy: North American Food Drive

We haven’t heard back yet from the other chapters, but we copied and pasted information listed with IFC as a courtesy, so you can check out all UCF’s IFC fraternities below:

Alpha Epsilon Pi
Nickname: A E Pi
National Website: www.aepi.org
Local Website: www.aepiucf.com
Colors: Gold & Blue
Symbol: Lion
Philanthropy: “Ethiopian Jewish Community Center in Isreal”
Alpha Tau Omega
Nickname: A T O
National Website: www.ato.org
Local Website: www.ucf-ato.org
Colors: Old Gold & Azure Blue
Symbol: Viking
Philanthropy: Rock The Wreath
Delta Tau Delta
Nickname: Delts
National Website: www.delts.org
Local Website: www.zodelts.org
Colors: Purple, White & Gold
Philanthropy: Adopt-A-School Program
Delta Upsilon
Nickname: D U
National Website: www.deltau.org
Local Website: www.duucf.org/undergrad/
Colors: Old Gold & Sapphire Blue
Symbol: Duck
Philanthropy: Boys & Girls Club of America
Kappa Sigma
Nickname: Kappa Sig
National Website: www.kappasigma.org
Local Website: www.kappasigmaucf.com
Colors: Emerald, White, & Scarlet Red
Symbol: Star & Crescent
Philanthropy: Easter Seals Camp Challenge
Lambda Chi Alpha
Nickname: Lambda Chi
National Website: www.lambdachi.org
Local Website:
Colors: Purple, Green, & Gold
Symbol: Cross & Cresent
Philanthropy: North American Food Drive
Lambda Theta Phi
Nickname: Lambda
National Website: www.lambda1975.org
Local Website: www.aalambdas.com
Colors: Brown & White
Symbol: El Conquistador
Philanthropy: United Cerebral Palsy
Phi Delta Theta
Nickname: Phi Delt
National Website: www.phideltatheta.org
Local Website: www.phideltucf.org
Colors: Azure Blue & Argent White
Symbol: Owl
Philanthropy: Lou Gehrigs Foundation
Phi Gamma Delta
Nickname: FIJI
National Website: www.phigam.org
Local Website: www.fijiucf.com
Colors: Royal Purple
Symbol: Snowy White Owl
Philanthropy: American Red Cross
Sigma Chi
Nickname: Sig
National Website: www.sigmachi.org
Local Website: internetmosaics.com/sigmachi
Colors: Blue & Old Gold
Symbol: Norman Cross
Philanthropy: Childrens Miracle Network
Sigma Nu
Nickname: Sig Nu
National Website: www.sigmanu.org
Local Website: www.ucfsigmanu.com
Colors: Black, Gold, & White
Symbol: Serpent
Philanthropy: Volley for the Cure

Sigma Pi
Nickname: Sig Pi / Spies
National Website: www.sigmapi.org
Local Website: www.joinsigmapi.com
Colors: Lavender, Gold and White
Symbol: Owl
Philanthropy: Sam Spady Foundation & the ACE Project

Tau Kappa Epsilon
Nickname: Teke
National Website: www.tke.org
Local Website: www.tkeucf.com
Colors: Red & Grey
Symbol: Apollo
Philanthropy: Ronald Reagan Alzheimers Research

Theta Chi
Nickname: Theta Chi
National Website: www.thetachi.org
Local Website: www.thetachiucf.org
Colors: Military Red & White
Symbol: Rattle Snake

Zeta Beta Tau
Nickname: ZBT
National Website: www.zbt.org
Local Website: www.zbtcentralflorida.com
Colors: Medium Blue & White with Gold Trim
Philanthropy: Childrens Miracle Network

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