The United Divided is a tour-de-force indie rock band, with catchy hooks, lots of energy and enthusiasm of their craft. If a third of the band looks familiar, it’s because guitarist and vocalist Cameron is the drummer from last weeks band, the Trash City Rockers.


However, both are two completely different rock outfits for him. He considers Trash City a fun band where he can relax, while the United Divided is his personal outlet of creative energy. Jordan joins him on bass, whom disappeared after the show, and finally Josh on drums. Both Cameron and Josh have been playing together in different bands throughout the decade in the local Central Florida Indie Scene and they have never disappointed.

The United Divided are on the Built on Strength record label roster, which Cameron himself started as an outlet for different bands across the southeast. They are set to release an E.P in the coming months, which I must say I am excited about because I got to listen two a few tracks, both finished and unfinished. Check them out on MySpace to listen to their finished track “Classic Lines”, a song they wrote so that they could shout their favorite lines from their favorite bands, or you can skip through the interview and watch KnightNews .com exclusive music video. Stay tuned for more upcoming bands and please email us if you are interested in becoming Band of the Week., solo artist are welcome also. Please be from the Orlando area, UCF bands and artist are highly encouraged.


  1. Braid=Loser!
    Cameron changed my life. His music is the best around. He’s a legend in Brevard. There would be no scene without him. Stop hating. Go back to Chicago Hipster trash.

  2. Braid=Loser!
    Cameron changed my life. His music is some of the best around. Stop hating. Go back to Chicago ahole

  3. Read the review. Saw them live. I get it, not very challenging. I tried to give it a chance. Conclusion = Still lame. Also, that band leaves positive comments for themselves. Just gives off a douche vibe. I’m from Chicago just moved here for school. I’m trying to get into the scene here. Just having a hard time finding good bands. Lots of good musicians with bad taste. Just saying;)

  4. Awesome band. Played a fantastic show that night.
    Look forward to the up and coming album!
    Oh and patty did an excellent job with the interview.
    Keep up the great work guys!

    P.s. If you would have read the band review you would have realized that the braid reference was actually really awesome as well as all of the other bands that were mentioned in the song. Keep in mind he’s giving credit to the bands that influenced him growing up….just sayin.

  5. it’s easier to rag on other people’s work than it its to create your own. If you can write a better song that’s original and influenced by no existing band than go ahead please post it, I’m sure it’s not a feat to get your music on this site. I’m sure it is only an email away from being posted. You don’t have to like it, but keep your negative comments to yourself and tune out.

  6. I change my mind. It’s really clever how he didn’t have to write lyrics for a song. He just blatantly steals melodies and lines from other bands. Under the guise of homage. It’s very bold! I get it now.

  7. Hey everyone… The United Divided has a bunch of shows coming up. This Saturday!!!

    Oct 16th@ Taste in college park w/
    The United Divided
    Cornfarmer Shamus
    $5 gets you in…. Doors at 9:00!

    Thanks again for all the support…. We’d love to see you out at a show.

  8. I wish bands like United Divided played more shows… Oh and screw you…. Braid was an awesome reference.

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