CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO OUR GOFUNDME.COM/ExposinginSECurity was invited to an interview with gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink Monday afternoon, along with five other college campus media outlets.

After a brief introduction, Sink took two questions from all of the campus media present, including one submitted by editor-in-chief Kevin Wolkenfeld.

Wolkenfeld asked, “As Governor, what would you look for in an appointee to the State University system Board of Governors? “

To which Sink responded: “Well, what I would look for is… Well I would look at the whole board for example and look at the composition of that board in terms of our geographic diversity; I want ethnic diversity, and all these candidates they have to be candidates committed to my vision of building a very strong university system. I’m not looking for political hacks or people that are desiring to be on the board for their own personal gain. I’m going to have an ethics policy, which would outline that there’d be no conflicts of interest and I want people who understand that we have a system of universities and we want to build on the strength of the individual universities as opposed to somebody who might be appointed and only be interested in advancing the cause of any one university in the system. We need to start thinking about how we put together a university system as opposed to piled together individual universities.”

The other question, was asked by CJ Pruner, of the Independent Alligator, a campus media serving UF.

“In your Friday debate with Rick Scott you said you wanted to call Florida one of the lowest taxed states but in the same response you said the state should put more money in education; how do you plan to stick to both of these goals?” Pruner asked.

“The answer is as our economy grows, and over the course of my administration, I plan to put higher proportion of our increased revenues into education,” Sink responded.

If you have any questions for any of the candidates for the 2010 election e-mail Kevin Wolkenfeld at