Sports Business Management Interns To Host Free Party at Brooklyn Pizza

UCF Knights, do you have a need for speed? Beginning at 12PM this Sunday, October 24th, a group of five interns from the NASCAR Kinetics: Marketing in Motion Program will be throwing a viewing party for the Martinsville Race at Brooklyn Pizza, located right here in UCF’s Ferrell Commons.


Interns involved in NASCAR Kinetics are sent case studies throughout the semester and compete with other universities. Along the way, interns acquire skills in public relations, marketing, sports studies, and advertising. NASCAR grades each university’s feedback, so interns are consistently striving to come up with creative ways to get a leg up on their competition.


“I hope that we (interns) will give NASCAR something out of the box,” said group leader Manny Ortiz.

But the case study feedback is only a part of the competition, as the success of the viewing party is also an essential component to NASCAR’s grading. Interns will be judged on many factors, including attendance for the event, the entertainment provided, and how effectively the interns incorporate NASCAR’s sponsors.

Students who are inquisitive about NASCAR Kinetics or the field of Sports Business Management are encouraged to attend the viewing party, as there will be volunteers available to answer questions.

Furthermore, there will be free food and prizes for fans at the viewing party, as well as an opportunity to win free tickets to the DJ Tiesto concert right here at the UCF Arena. Additionally, fans will have a chance to win free Florida Tuskers football tickets.

“It will be a terrific event,” said intern Alex Boucher, who hopes to see around 250-500 people at the viewing party. “We’ll have a lot of fun, it’s going to be a great race, and ultimately, NASCAR is a great sport for the fans to get involved in.”

If you love NASCAR, want to learn more about the internship, or simply enjoy grubbing on free food, then race to Brooklyn Pizza this Sunday.

Check out the Facebook event here: