UPDATE NOV. 10 Good Morning America did an entire report on the cheating scandal. See the video, and read our latest update here.

UPDATE 8:30 P.M.- Posted below is video of Professor Quinn speaking to the class with the suspected cheaters:


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In July, KnightNews.com reported how the University of Central Florida’s College of Business testing lab earned praised for its high-tech methods of preventing cheating, and was even featured in the New York Times. But today the testing center — complete with surveillance cameras comparable to those in Vegas casinos — is home to one of UCF’s biggest cheating scandals ever.

Hundreds of UCF seniors taking the Capstone Strategic Management course have been ordered to retake a midterm after their professor,

Richard Quinn, discovered evidence at least one-third of the students cheated, according to Local 6 News, which obtained video of the professor lambasting the students.

“I don’t want to be the one to have to explain to your parents why you are not going to graduate,” Quinn told the 600 students in his class.

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In the video, Quinn holds up a copy of the answers he said was slipped under his door, proving it was floating around for students to share before the test. Then, according to Local 6, he performed a “forensic analysis” which revealed further evidence of cheating. He forced his class to retake the test — and it seems no one will have an no excuse to miss it.

“I don’t care what’s on your schedule. I don’t care what you have planned. If you have to give birth, you’re going to give birth in the exam room because it’s going to have to take a signed, hand-delivered note from God for you to get out of taking this midterm exam,” Quinn said on video.

Quinn said he will take the higher of the two grades for students not suspected of cheating and he’ll turn the matter over to academic affairs to investigate, the station reported. Quinn offered the students a deal to come clean, admit they cheated and take a four hour ethics course to have it wiped off their record.

“The days of being able to find a new way to cheat the system are over,” Quinn told his students. “This kind of behavior will not, cannot be tolerated. You know who you are,” he said.

He was not shy about expressing his disappointment to the students who cheated.

“For those of you who took the shortcut, don’t call me,” Quinn said. “Don’t ask me to do anything for you ever.”

Read the full story on Local 6.


  1. In using a text manufacturers test bank, the professor is cheating and definitely LAZY. This man should be fired for copying. he should create his own tests based on his lectures. This is the way it should be and must be.

  2. Business “school” is a joke in itself. Every undergraduate degree is practically worthless except for Accounting, and that’s because you have to pass an additional state exam to be a CPA. Finance is worthless, management is worthless, marketing is ESPECIALLY worthless, economics is completely worthless, even accounting is almost worthless without the CPA license. Take the money, give them the degree, let everyone move on. This nonsense doesn’t make or mean one bit of difference once you hit the job market, college is nothing more than a game you play for 5 years.

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