is investigating several reports of UCF students being towed from an area they used to park in without any problems.

The new towing policy started happening all the sudden — without any warning — Friday night at “The Plaza” shopping center across from campus, where popular bars such as Knight Library, Fubar and Deko are located.


Parking is so tight, students often have to park all the way over in the El Cerro parking lot before going to the bars. It wasn’t a problem for students until yesterday — when we’re told five tow trucks swarmed in sometime after 10 p.m. and went to work. tried talking to the towing company at the location near Goldenrod Rd. and Colonial where students cars were towed to. No one was there, but an unrelated businessman next door suggested we call and “make an appointment” with the towing drivers to come by.

There were no posted hours noticed on the towing business, and when you google the phone number, it shows up at another location off Orange Blossom Trail. was trying to investigate reports that a tow truck driver may have damaged a vehicle and tried towing someone while still inside his car.

When first called the number, the person who answered hung up on us without answering our questions. Here’s a preview video of what happened when we called back.

First, you’ll hear from a UCF student who was a victim of the towing. Then,’s Andrew Stein confronts the towing company about dodging questions.

The towing company eventually talked to us some more, and said it was El Cerro who started this new towing contract without warning. A manager at El Cerro wasn’t there when we stopped by. We got video of that location, and will work to bring you more of our investigation when we can.

If you see a surprise towing happen, or any other breaking news, text us at 407-5-tip-ucf so we can investigate. Check back for updates on this story.

It’s not yet clear if this towing policy will cause a spike in ridership on the KnightLynx.


  1. If the towjackers use spotters it IS predatory towing. This is a problem across the country especially close to college campuses. Towtards are usually meth heads or biker scum. These rogue towjackers give legitimate towing companies a bad name. Whenever I see a spotter for a towing company I call the police and tell them there is a shady looking character using drugs, smoking pot or taking pictures of kids while fondling themselves. Works wonders. On one occasion the spotter had warrants and was hauled away in handcuffs. Made my day!

  2. “Plaza attende”

    – Ever hear of “doing their job”?
    They were hired to do tow people.. be pissed at the owner of El Cerro.

    You’re probably the type of person who say the police are the scum of the earth after you just got picked up for DUI

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