23 year old University of Florida alumni Scooter Magruder has made himself known all over campus within just a few days. His hit YouTube video “Stuff UCF Fans Say” acquired over 24,000 views within only 5 days. Knight News had the chance to talk one on one with the YouTube sensation.

Alex Perez: Your UCF video got a lot of attention, how long have you been making videos?
Magruder: All my life. I started at around 14 years old. However, I started consistently uploading YouTube videos every Sunday last October. They sucked at first. They weren’t well done at all, but over time I learned the “YouTube Style” of editing and the videos have gotten significantly better.

Alex Perez: What made you want to start making videos?
Magruder: When I was 14 years old I was on a reality television show called Endurance 2. It was aired on NBC Discovery Kids Channel. It really sparked my interest to be on camera. It also allowed to me to see the behind the scene aspects of television.

Alex Perez: I see you’ve made many other videos, would you consider this one your most popular one?
Magruder: No. I would consider my video Top 100 1st World Problems my most popular one. It has over 700,000 views. The Huffington Post and the Today Show picked it up this year.

Alex Perez: What is your favorite video that you’ve made so far?
Magruder: My favorite video is based on things black people need to stop doing. I love this video because it is both funny and true, and it has the most meaning behind it. I would like to improve our race.

Alex Perez: Any future plans in comedy?
Magruder: I plan to start a web series in the fall called Magruder Mobile with the intent to get on network television. I can’t say much about it yet, but it will involve many universities. Ultimately, I would like to end up with an acting career. Someone told me the best way to be on camera is to be behind it. Now, I can do my own stuff without people telling me what to do.

Alex Perez: Who do you enjoy watching/who is your inspiration?
Magruder: Toby Turner. I watched his stuff in the beginning and he didn’t have many views, and now he is one of the most subscribed people on YouTube. He is also a Gator alum. All comedians that can be funny without cussing or being vulgar inspire me. That is my main thing. I try to exemplify my Christian values through my videos.

Alex Perez: How can people stay up to date with you and your videos?
Magruder: They can follow me on Twitter @ScooterMagruder or just type in www.Imagrownman.com it will re-direct to my YouTube page. I make new videos every Sunday and Wednesday! Throw me the alley.