Several SGA senators are facing pressure to resign amid speculation they temporarily switched their majors to Engineering in order to secure a spot on Student Government Senate, according to sources within SGA.

It is perceived that the Senators switched their majors to Engineering with no intentions of taking Engineering classes. An Engineering Dean allegedly caught wind of the actions and raised serious concerns.

SGA sources say Speaker Anthony King issued notices of noncompliance to several of the engineering senators.

Currently, much is unknown, and even current members of the 45th Senate are still learning the information.


Greg Cullen, Student Government Senator seat 4 for College of Business, was quite unaware of the situation telling, “This is all news to me, I’m going to talk with my fellow Senators and will try and find out more information about it.” has contacted SGA and the interim dean of the College of Engineering for more information but they did not immediately return our e-mails. We will update you with more as we find out.