Update: Both Sigma Chi and Alpha Tau Omega have accused UCF of breaking its own rules. Read more here.

Also, a third UCF fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, was also suspended for hazing. Read more about that hazing situation here.

Original Story:


New reports obtained by KnightNews.com confirm the previously reported sanctions recommended by a student conduct board for Sigma Chi and Alpha Epsilon Pi.

The Sigma Chi Fraternity was found “in-violation” of hazing, disruptive conduct and alcohol related misconduct by UCF’s Student Conduct Board and sanctions placed on the fraternity included organizational suspension through the end of Fall 2016, as KnightNews.com previously reported. During this time, the fraternity will not be recognized by UCF.

Hearing Audio: Sigma Chi 1 | Sigma Chi 2 | Sigma Chi 3 | Sigma Chi 4 | Sigma Chi 5

Under the sanctions, the fraternity must also develop a comprehensive curriculum on hazing education using the support of an external expert consultant as well as a similar curriculum for alcohol education.

Alpha Epsilon Pi was also found “in-violation” of hazing, disruptive conduct and and harmful behavior by the board and a sanction was handed down to have the fraternity placed on organizational suspension through Spring 2014. Following this one year suspension, the fraternity will be placed on disciplinary probation for Summer and Fall of 2014–meaning all activities by the fraternity must be alcohol free.

Alpha Epsilon Pi must also redevelop its new member education program as well as a new risk management policy. In addition, the fraternity will be required to bring in an outside speaker to discuss hazing for the chapter, a speaker from the Wellness and Health Promotion Services Office to discuss alcohol education and a speaker to discuss harassment, bullying and bystander behavior.

At this time, there is no word on whether either group will appeal the decision to Maribeth Ehasz, Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Services.

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