On Friday, the transition from the Weston and Sydney office to the newly elected Cait and Jarell administration officially started at the 2015 passing of the gavel ceremony.

President Hitt spoke briefly and congratulated Weston on his term and expressed his hope for Zona’s new leadership.

Distinguished guests, student agency representatives, and members of all three branches of SGA enjoyed the formal ceremony and recognition of their 2014-2015 school year’s achievements. Some of them that stood out were: filling the reflection pond with 250,000 plastic bottles to raise awareness about recycling, the 40% increase in Knight Lynx usage, and the added bike rental stations around campus.

Awards were given out, including agency of the year for Late Knights, and cabinet member of the year to Lauren Croft, SGA Attorney General.

In a more lighthearted tone, a slideshow was put together where senate members expressed some of their highlights while in office and their best memories. A photo booth got attendees to kick back and share a few laughs in between the awards presentation.

The ceremony ended with the official passing of the gavel signifying the transition in leadership from former president Weston Bayes to Cait Zona.

Jarell and Cait briefly thanked everyone for their continued support and Cait vowed to “help every student unleash their legacy,” just as her campaign slogan “unleash your legacy” during the elections promised.