A team of four college students created a new app that aims to enhance your social experience, rather than replace it.

Bubble Social is a social networking application that allows users to get in contact with others based on proximity. Users can set a proximity ranging from one-fourth of a mile to 10 miles, depending on preference. This is the users “bubble.” Users can then create a “pop” to share and view content, pictures and statuses, with others who are in the same “bubble.” The “pops” show up on a timeline, similar to Twitter.


The app also provides an option to directly message other users and view their profile to see if there are shared interests among each other. Unlike its competitors, Bubble Social is not anonymous and it’s not limited to communicating only with friends.


CEO and UCF student, Nasser Almulla, says the app breaks the ice of communicating with new individuals in the same area.

“Too many times while being out at a bar, or social event do you see people on their phones checking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter,” Almulla said. “Updating themselves with people who aren’t anywhere near them, rather than socially engaging with the new individuals right in front of them. Bubble Social is going to provide a way to easily and comfortably communicate with new people and old friends when they are in the same social setting.”

bubble-logo (2) The group, which consists of two UCF students, used UCF’s Blackstone LaunchPad in the process of developing the app.

Nasser says the LaunchPad encouraged the team to think outside of the box and connected them to local venues that assist in startups.

Bubble Social was released on April 23 into the App Store, so now you can see what’s poppin’ around the UCF area. The app will be released for Android users soon.