Huey Magoo’s and Asian Chao in the University of Central Florida Student Union have had their leases terminated by University officials and will be closed permanently.

After learning of unsanitary conditions in the spaces, UCF notified A.D. Food Services – the company that operates independent franchise restaurants Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders and Asian Chao in the Student Union – of the termination of its lease, effective immediately.


The need of A.D. Food Services to meet safe food-handling and sanitation practices are required under the terms of its lease. The failure to meet these standards led UCF officials to notify A.D. of its termination.

“On Dec. 19, 2016, A.D. Food Services was given 30 days to comply with those standards or face lease termination. Those standards include meeting health and safety regulations set by the state of Florida and enforced by the Florida Department of Health,” said Mark Schleub, Senior Communications Coordinator for UCF News and Information

“UCF has also reiterated university and state standards for food safety, sanitation, training and data security in letters to other foodservice operators on campus. A.D. Food Services recently earned an unsatisfactory inspection report from the Department of Health for its Student Union franchises. A.D. Food Services failed to correct deficiencies noted in the report, resulting in multiple unsatisfactory follow-up inspections.”

Kitchen space, employees, and management were shared between the restaurants in addition to Corner Cafe. Anecdotes from employees tell of the sub-par conditions that were used to serve food to students.

“I didn’t work at either of those specifically but from April-December of 2014 I worked at Joffrey’s coffee and the owners also owned Corner Cafe which shared the same space,” a student employee told Knight News.

“We would have to go in the back to get some of our products throughout the day and it was like a scene from a nightmare. I would hold my breath when I was back there, absolutely repulsive.”

Prior to the termination of the two restaurants came the permanent closing of Corner Cafe, a popular panini, wrap, and salad express eatery. The restaurant closed over Winter Break 2016 to allow the owner to focus on Huey Magoo’s and Asian Chao. Now that both, or all three, are gone, Aramark will step in to provide a temporary restaurant.

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Initial plans to expand the Student Union had Huey Magoo’s on a list of restaurants to stay, even expanding to their full-service menu. Panda Express, one of the confirmed restaurants to move into the Union, would likely have been the replacement to Asian Chao.

“UCF has asked Aramark, which is not affiliated with A.D. Food Services, for help in providing a temporary replacement “pop up” restaurant in the space being vacated. Those details will be worked out in the coming weeks,” Schleub said.

“UCF Student Development and Enrollment Services will offer assistance to the student employees of A.D. Food Services in finding other employment.”