UCF PD detained a student the day before Halloween for coming to class dressed as the Terminator.

This is one Halloween costume that may not be back.

As Knight News previously reported, a University of Central Florida student was detained the day before Halloween after coming to classed dressed as the Terminator complete with a vest of live shotgun shells, according to the UCF Police Department.


The student’s unusual attire prompted a phone call to police who quickly arrived to Classroom Building 1, based on footage obtained by Knight News.

 Once in the building, police entered the classroom and came face-to-face with the “Terminator,” according to the footage.

Police detained the student and proceeded to search him for weapons. The student was released and no charges were filed against him, according to authorities.

After the incident, UCF PD sent out a campus wide alert reminding students to chose their Halloween costumes wisely.

“Although it’s not illegal to possess ammunition on campus, his costume choice understandably caused alarm, particularly in light of recent national events.”

Check out the police body camera footage below:

Untitled from Knight News on Vimeo.