SGA released the following memo to regarding SGA Sen. William Lusk’s alleged bribery attempt:



To:      Shane Juntunen, SGA Elections Commission Advisor

CC:     Brian Peterson, Student Body President

Andrick Lewis, Student Body Vice President

Michael McGriskin, Chief Justice

Christa Coffey, Senate Advisor

Andrew Proia, Attorney General

From: Marlee Popluder, Supervisor of Elections

Date:  9/30/2009

Re:      Violation Hearing

The Election Commission met September 30, 2009 at 5:15pm in 224, to discuss possible violations with the 2009 Senate Elections against William Lusk.

 The Election Commission voted in favor of a major violation with a 7-1 vote count for reasons of attempt to bribe and blatant disregard of elections statutes.

Election Statutes

Chapter 600 Definitions

          D. Bribe- A prize, reward, gift, or favor bestowed or promised with a view to influence the action of another to vote for a particular candidate/ticket. Any campaign material approved by the Election Commission and distributed during the election period shall not constitute a bribe or bribery.

          M. Major Violation – Any violation that affects the outcome of an election,  repeated minor violations, or blatant disregard of election statutes.

Chapter 604 Election Procedures

604.1 Election Code of Ethics

          F. No candidate/ ticket shall commit or attempt a bribe.

If you have any questions, please email the Election Commission at


  1. Since there are no formally declared tickets in the Senate election, the candidate is held responsible for their own actions, especially since it cannot be proven that said act was consented by the entire ticket.

  2. the OSC should conduct a investigation on how many of the other organizations that were involved in the “endorsing” of the “united” ticket were bribed for their support and for their votes. This is outrageous.

    Also, from past OSC conduct hearings, The entire SGA ticket should also be suspended from running since he is a member of that ticket and violated statutes.

  3. Jeff, Knight News didn’t write the god damn memo.

    Can you read??????? Oh my!!!!!!!!

    Christ you haters need to get a grip.

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