A source high within UCF fraternity life told KnightNews.com a parent of an apparent fraternity pledge claimed he came home “bruised and beaten” after spending time with his fraternity.


The parent would not reveal what fraternity was allegedly at fault for fear of retaliation against the pledge, according to the source.


STORY UPDATE: Voluntary Fraternity Suspension Lifted


The source asked KnightNews.com shield the source’s name, for fear of retaliation from within the Greek Community for speaking to the media.

According to the source, the parent called a high-level university office, possibly even President John Hitt’s, to reveal the information, and that’s when UCF acted.

Interfraternity Council Spokesman Adam Brock stepped away from a meeting held with UCF’s fraternity presidents at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Student Union to address campus and local television news media regarding the beating allegations.

“We do not believe the that fraternity is part of the the Interfraternity council here at the University of Central Florida, but we would like to have a public record be released so this issue would be cleared up,” Brock said.

If Brock’s information is true, it would would mean a member of UCF’s multicultural fraternity councils, such as the National Pan-Hellenic Council or Diversified Greek Council would still be under suspicion. Those groups could not be reached for comment.

Brock said he received information that this coming Friday UCF will hopefully have everything cleared up and set the record straight as to who may be to blame.

After KnightNews.com broke the details about the pledge being allegedly beaten, we got in touch with UCF Spokesman Grant Heston who released a statement to KnightNews.com Wednesday evening.

“On Sept. 29, an anonymous caller informed UCF about alleged misconduct at an unnamed fraternity,” Heston wrote. “That same day, out of an abundance of caution, the university asked all fraternities to voluntarily and temporarily suspend pledge activities while UCF reviews the allegation.”

His statement went on to point out the positive aspects of Greek life.

“We value the scholarship, service and enthusiasm our Greek community brings to UCF. We will conduct a thorough, timely and fair review of the allegation,” Heston wrote.

Heston also confirmed UCF sent out an e-mail to all fraternities asking them to voluntarily suspend their pledge classes while this investigation continues.

KnightNews.com’s initial e-mails to OSI’s Kerry Welch, who oversees UCF Greek Life, asking how many fraternities are complying with the voluntary suspension were referred to Heston, who has not yet included that information in his official statement.

“We will have more information pending the speed and outcome of the review process,” Heston said.

Brock also did not have the information as to how many fraternities are actually complying with the voluntary suspension.

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