A source high within UCF fraternity life told a parent of an apparent fraternity pledge claimed he came home “bruised and beaten” after spending time with his fraternity.

The parent would not reveal what fraternity was allegedly at fault for fear of retaliation against the pledge, according to the source.

STORY UPDATE: Voluntary Fraternity Suspension Lifted

The source asked shield the source’s name, for fear of retaliation from within the Greek Community for speaking to the media.

According to the source, the parent called a high-level university office, possibly even President John Hitt’s, to reveal the information, and that’s when UCF acted.

Interfraternity Council Spokesman Adam Brock stepped away from a meeting held with UCF’s fraternity presidents at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Student Union to address campus and local television news media regarding the beating allegations.

“We do not believe the that fraternity is part of the the Interfraternity council here at the University of Central Florida, but we would like to have a public record be released so this issue would be cleared up,” Brock said.

If Brock’s information is true, it would would mean a member of UCF’s multicultural fraternity councils, such as the National Pan-Hellenic Council or Diversified Greek Council would still be under suspicion. Those groups could not be reached for comment.

Brock said he received information that this coming Friday UCF will hopefully have everything cleared up and set the record straight as to who may be to blame.

After broke the details about the pledge being allegedly beaten, we got in touch with UCF Spokesman Grant Heston who released a statement to Wednesday evening.

“On Sept. 29, an anonymous caller informed UCF about alleged misconduct at an unnamed fraternity,” Heston wrote. “That same day, out of an abundance of caution, the university asked all fraternities to voluntarily and temporarily suspend pledge activities while UCF reviews the allegation.”

His statement went on to point out the positive aspects of Greek life.

“We value the scholarship, service and enthusiasm our Greek community brings to UCF. We will conduct a thorough, timely and fair review of the allegation,” Heston wrote.

Heston also confirmed UCF sent out an e-mail to all fraternities asking them to voluntarily suspend their pledge classes while this investigation continues.’s initial e-mails to OSI’s Kerry Welch, who oversees UCF Greek Life, asking how many fraternities are complying with the voluntary suspension were referred to Heston, who has not yet included that information in his official statement.

“We will have more information pending the speed and outcome of the review process,” Heston said.

Brock also did not have the information as to how many fraternities are actually complying with the voluntary suspension.

Stay tuned to for the latest on this breaking news.


  1. They should be looking closely at this NPHC and DGC councils since those are the ones who traditionally HAZE and their members do express they do out in the open which makes no sense after the many incidents in our state and the new laws in place…a good example were those students from FAMU who were part of a NPHC fraternity, whos members did get jail time for causing one of their pledges have internal bleeding after a night of just hitting him with taped up double canes….the school needs to clearly regulate on some frat in UCF….!

  2. has there even been any evidence showing that the allegations were of an IFC organization? i’ve heard from a few sources that the victim was part of the NPHC.. of course this is obviously just hearsay, but just wondering if that has been validated yet.

    also, if it hasn’t been totally cleared. it can’t be beta, they didn’t do fall rush, therefore they don’t have pledges. stop hating on them.

    anyway, chill out, cheer up! football game tomorrow, where we can all be a part of Alpha Tappa Kegga!! hah i’m corny.

  3. If you honestly think a Vice President or Director at UCF is going on a student run online newspaper to speak their mind then I feel bad for you all because you all must have very little common sense or brains in general. But it is apparent you guys don’t have brains considering you think a court denied your stay because they didn’t want to hear UCF complaining. Only if the US Judicial System were that easy. I do appreciate that you think I have the writing style of someone who received a Doctorate or even a Masters Degree though. I’m actually a current undergrad student who agrees with the administration. They are all looking out for the protection of students and maintaing the value of their degrees and I respect them for that. If you hate the administration so much, do the whole university a favor and pick up and take your studies elsewhere. At least by your recent posts, you showed all the viewers of this thread that you’re all giant tools.

  4. Patricia McKown = C * * T
    OSC = joke
    Greek Life at UCF = bigger joke
    UCF administration = the school’s only set back

    /end thread

  5. beta didn’t get the stay because the court doesn’t want to listen to UCF’s complaining… look at ANY other case were a fraternity was wrongfully charged… the took it to court… DENIED THEIR STAY… and then fraternity wins… “tom” is obviously a frustrated UCF Admin… probably VP SDES, Director of OSC (or associate), and/or Grant Heston… all tools

  6. hey patty mackown and/or dana juntenen… stop posting on here as “tom” and man up when you want to talk smack… you ruin people’s lives for a living… REAL educational… haha… probably the lamest excuse for what you do on a day to day basis… just admit how much you screwed up and wish you could take it back…

  7. Everybody knows Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) is back, and we are beating the crap outta pledges like we used 2. Come and get us sucka’s. IFC can suck my left testee.

  8. it’s a shame what a mess greek life has become at UCF. i enjoyed the 2 1/2 years i was active in my sorority.. however, greek life now is NOTHING like it used to be. after they kicked off, sae, sig ep, and pi kapp things quickly went down hill. greek par k is basically sorority row, and all who are left are constantly under UCF’s microscope, on AND off campus. i feel bad for the younger pc’s who only see it for what it is now, an effing mess.

  9. Everyone needs to quit complaining about the UCF administration. They have all the right in the world to send out an email asking for fraternities to stop the pledge process. UCF never forced fraternities to stop the process. They asked the fraternities to voluntarily suspend the process, and there is nothing illegal with that. They are very familiar with the legal process and will not make a stupid mistake that will get them to LOSE a lawsuit. People that give the argument that Beta is innocent and went to the courts to prove their innocence are only proving you are providing an argument with no substance. Anyone can go to a court but not all win. If anything Beta is losing the lawsuit considering they have lost their attempt to initiate a stay, thus not being able to recruit. The university knows their jurisdiction in legal situations. They have a team of very smart lawyers directing them.

    UCF administrators with Master and Doctorate degrees and years of experience know how to handle sensitive issues better than bachelor degree candidates. They are protecting their reputation so YOUR degree is more valuable once you graduate. They are also investigating the situation so they can actually protect students. All of this is to help keep students of UCF safe, but everyone thinks they are just anti-greek. Grow up and realize that these administrators are looking out for students and making sure the University is safe.

  10. 1. It is evident that there is little to no information available to the general public
    2. It is also obvious that the University does not respect Greek life or rather fraternities and views them as nothing more than social organizations. Putting a Pledge Education program on hold for unfounded allegations, with little to no proof presented to prove these allegations, can and will put stress on the Education program as a whole. The University does not respect the fact that these organizations have numerous tests, as well as lengthy lessons that are taught to the Pledges to teach them lore, ritual and general fraternal brotherhood.
    3. It should however be expected that the University and Administration would take such a stance on the issue. They have after all have had very hostile stances towards the Greek Community in general since its establishment. Last years issues with Beta being the latest and greatest failure on the part of the University to be an unbiased self-governing body.
    4. I do have issue however with the one of the last statements that was made by Adam Brock, IFC PR Rep, stating that “in the IFC constitution it states that ‘the IFC shall not condone hazing of any kind'” The definition of “hazing” is a very broad and elusive one. The definition is so broad that it could be inferred that meetings and Pledge Education tests are both hazing. I am sure that we can all agree that these are things that are both required for any organization, not just Greek Organizations, but at this same time it has never been clearly defined by the University, IFC, or Florida State Law (not that UCF has/does listen to Florida State Law).
    5. I am of the opinion that the University has little right to require that Fraternities put their Pledge Education programs on hold; it could be construed as an attempt to infringe on the Fraternity men’s rights to assemble. This would be another law suit that UCF does not need seeing as they are currently involved in suits with most notably the Plancher Family, and Beta, as well as assuredly many more suits as well.

  11. I think we all need to hold off on our presumptions. No one has any idea who this is and pinning it on fraternity who
    1. has done nothing wrong and has taken it to court to prove it
    2. does not have a pledge class, is not on campus, and has NEVER been a fraternity that hazes

    is a little ridiculous. I am not a Beta, but a lot of my friends are and I hate that ignorant people like you try to accuse people before you know the facts. I can only assume that you are not Greek because of your lack of knowledge.

    Please keep your ignorant comments to yourself from now on.


  12. Seriously? You heard it was Beta? Get real. Beta is not oncampus nor do they have a pledge class. So why don’t we all act like adults for once and keep these comments productive.

  13. first of all kappa sig ur dumb obviously ur not in kappa sig or u wouldnt write that, so stop trying to start shit bc ur just dumb at life. second whoever said beta, ur obviously not greek or u just dont pay attention bc it was all over the news last year so way to pay attention
    and that speaker, u did a fabulous job with ur skills

  14. Dear Clearly Not “Greek”,

    Beta is not even on campus right now.

    But thanks for sharing your uneducated guess.

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