Students, faculty, and administrators gathered around the front of the Student Union on Tuesday for a press conference, launching the “Put Down Ur Cell Fone” campaign.

The campaign aims to keep drivers focused on the road, and not distracted on their phones. According to a press release sent out by SGA, individuals in the under-20 age group had the highest proportion of distracted drivers.


“It is important that students become educated on the dangers of distracted driving,” said vice president Taylor Lochrane, who launched the campaign. “I hope this campaign prevents accidents caused as a result of distracted driving, and makes the university a safer driving environment.”


Lauren Rowe, of WKMG Local 6, was the moderator of the event, and the guest speakers included UCF Provost Dr. Waldrop, State Senator Constantine, a former Orlando Magic player, and a victim of an accident cause by a driver on the phone.

Power 95.3 also participated in the event by playing music, while Lochrane and SGA officials handed out t-shirts, sunglasses, and other promotional items.

Lochrane’s “Put Down Ur Cell Fone” campaign is collecting petition signatures for the rest of the week. Students interested can stop by the SGA office on the second floor of the Student Union to sign it. will continue to follow this story, and will update it at the end of the week with the success of the program.

Check out some of the guest speakers below:

Taylor Lochrane:

Senator Lee Constantine:

Distracted Driving Victim: