Matthew McCann and Adam Brock have won the 2011 Student Government Election, with 6,105 votes, or 61.7 percent. Nick Gurney and Fernando Gonzales racked in 3,785 votes, or 38.83 percent.

See the candid interview McCann and Brock gave immediately after their win, where they thank their supporters, address SGA’s new direction, and even bring their parents over to talk to us on camera:

89.19 percent of voters supported an amendment to add a 15-week time limit for the University President to review any SGA Senate legislation that has been vetoed by the Senior Student Affairs Officer and then appealed to the University President.

Students also supported amending the UCF Student Body Constitution to require the Student Body President and Vice President to provide, each semester, reports to the SGA Senate regarding the business of committees of which they (or their designees) are members with 93.04 percent.

Watch the announcement of the results, and the celebration that ensued, below:

And finally, 87.81 percent of students who voted support the continued conservation, protection, and current determination status of the 7.85 acre area of the University of Central Florida Arboretum located north of Gemini Boulevard and east of Libra Drive?

See what Nick Gurney had to say after the announcement: