Update- 5/30/12- 6:15 PM- SGA President Cortez Whatley recently spoke with KnightNews.com to address his position as Chairperson for the Florida Student Association, and whether or not he feels that it will interfere with his time as SGA President.

“I am not resigning,” Whatley said right away, before going on to explain that the FSA is the association of all student body presidents, and that while he will be attending two or three day meetings at various universities around Florida, he will continue to be active here at UCF.


“As far as my involvement goes, this year’s administration is going to be more active,” said Whatley. “My time as president will be split as UCF President and FSA Chairperson, but actual time I’d be around won’t be effected.”


And despite any speculation in regards to his chain-of-command, Cortez stood confident behind his selection of Rachel Brill as his vice-president.

“I wouldnt have picked anyone that I didnt think would make the same decisions I would have if I wasn’t around,” Whatley said. Cortez went on, stating “I’m fully confident in Rachel’s abilities, and I don’t think the student body has any concern, or we wouldn’t have been elected.

“My time as UCF president, and dedication, isn’t going to waver too much.”

As is the case for any newly elected UCF SGA president, Cortez Whatley will have his hands full. So his decision to take on an even greater responsibility, as a member of Florida’s Board of Governors, has some SGA insiders raising questions about just how much time he’ll be able to dedicate to UCF issues — while maintaining his course load.

Two sources close to SGA told KnightNews.com they’re concerned that Whatley may become so tied up with the business of the Board of Governors that he won’t be able to be around to attend meetings and handle day to day UCF business as students have become accustomed to from SGA presidents. As FSA President, Cortez will constantly be out of the office on state sponsored trips and attending various meetings, which could interfere with his ability to maintain a presence here at UCF, according to the sources. They also raised concerns about the chain of command, which would be moved up in Cortez’s absence.

On the other hand, SGA insiders tell KnightNews.com that there could be benefits to having the UCF SGA president on the BOG. On the Board of Governors, Whately will help to oversee the Florida state university system. However, students hoping Whately will help block this 15% tution hike shouldn’t hold their breath– Whately voted to pass the tuition hike while on the UCF Board of Trustees within the past few days.

A phone call to Whately was not immediately returned. We will update this story as it develops.