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UCF fraternities and sororities make up thousands of people at the University. KnightNews.com has the most complete rush & recruitment, community service, homecoming dance coverage -- and more of UCF Greek Life.

Fraternal Law Founder Speaks Out on UCF Greek Life Suspension

Fraternal Law founder, Tim Burke, spoke to Local 6 news on why he believes UCF's decision to halt Greek Life activities are unconstitutional an...

Photos from UCF Homecoming Skit Knight 2011

Photos from the UCF Homecoming 2011 Skit Knight. IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR VIDEOS OF SKITS CLICK HERE Click image once to start as gallery, double click...

UCF Students Vote for Policy Granting Amnesty for Alcohol Emergencies

UCF students got a chance to vote for whether they support granting amnesty to students calling 911 for classmates suffering from alcohol poisoning ...

UCF Suffers Setback in Legal Fight for Secret Hazing Hearings | Video

UCF suffered a legal setback in its fight to impose recent fraternity hazing suspensions -- even though the hazing hearings were conducted in secrecy...

UCF Sigma Chi Argued Hazers Didn’t Act On Organization’s Behalf

Sigma Chi tried to argue that the three brothers participating in the hazing incident were acting within their own capacity and not on behalf...

UCF Fraternity Kicked Off Campus May Return Spring 2013

UPDATE SAE's presentation to comittee below: The University of Central Florida is expanding its fraternity system, and two out of the four finalists hoping to...

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