Photo by Terrance Coakley.

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The director and two faculty members of UCF’s Institute for Simulation and Training have been terminated following an investigation that started in fall 2018.

The first reports to the university came in 2016.


“In the one Ph.D. scenario, the student managing the grant appears to have delayed funding until his dissertation was completed and defended,” the university wrote in a statement on Monday. “There is also evidence the student did not do their own work on the dissertation and that their faculty advisor pressured other students to do the work.”


The Institute for Simulation and Training is a research institute at UCF that focuses on the advancement of simulation technology and understanding of simulation’s role in training and education, according to its website.


Lauren Reinerman-Jones and Daniel Barber received “Notice of Intent to Terminate” letters, while Randall Shumaker received a “Predetermination Notice of Proposed Termination” letter on Monday.

Each letter advises Reinerman-Jones and Barber of the university’s intention to terminate their employment at the end of the business day on Feb. 7.

Reinerman-Jones’ letter states “severe misconduct,” while Barber’s letter states “conduct” as the reason for the notice of intent to terminate.

Both individuals will remain on paid administrative leave pending final disposition of proposed personnel action.

Shumaker’s letter allows him the option to resign or retire before Feb. 7, according to the notice. He will not be eligible for rehire at UCF.