Today, February 22nd, was the first day of voting for SGA’s next student body president. Campaign tents were set up all over campus encouraging students to vote. Most tents had everyone’s favorite incentive: free food! The Kilbride and Lochrane campaign offered voters pizza and Wackadoo’s. The Daniel and Kevin campaign had pizza, El Corral, Tenders and iKiwi. Students voting for either candidate seemed to be enjoying the sunny weather and complimentary snacks.


Other than the voting tents, the UCF campus was turned yellow with both parties campaign t-shirts. Some students hate being harassed for votes, but get used to it because there’s still voting days ahead of us! Representatives from student government and both parties reported an excellent voter turnout this year. It was good to see students going out and getting involved. Keep voting over the next couple of days, every vote counts UCF!
While filming this piece, crews were told not to film in front of the Student Union. To find out more, click here.


  1. Knightnews did a great job reporting the election on Monday. Who cares if the reporter was wearing an inside out Daniel/Kevin shirt. She is entitled to support whom ever she chooses – after all she is a student and has a vote. She did not at any point in the report show any bias towards either ticket. Some of you are taking this way too far. SGA is corrupt with the current people in office which is why it’s time for change. Both tickets have supporters who are new to this which is great. New faces are needed. Great job KnightNews, don’t listen to any of these absurd comments.

  2. Maybe if the crooked ass corrupt comptroller didn’t violate the 1st amendment and stop knightnews from interviewing people across the line where the other corrupt insiders were… knightnews could have interviewed more of the bad guys too

  3. Knightnews? Really??? Let’s at least try to pretend you’re fair and balanced… Or you can just send one of your “reporters” wearing and inside-out Daniel/Kevin shirt and talk to pretty much only their supporters… These site is a joke.

  4. If the faculty senate didn’t step in when Andrew Stein repeatedly violated Statutes in not one but 2 elections, they are not going to step in now.

  5. This fraud is getting out of hand! Everyone knows this whole election is a fraud and SGA is a complete joke and whoever wins will be completely wasting our money and spending irresponsibly to support these idiots who bicker of the most ignorant pointless BS. Whoever wins will elect a cabinet or campaign supporters and corrupt individuals to continue on the SGA tradition. I think it is time that UCF Faculty Senate jumps in and completely takes action against this behavior. This election should be called off and everyone currently involved in SGA should be impeached for aiding in corruption and all new people need to be put in place. You guys are making every student at UCF hate SGA more than they already did. UCF faculty needs to take control of these little kids that think they are politicians when really are they are is a bunch of power hungry elitists with nothing better to with their time. Another form of Illuminati on the college level!

  6. Maybe if u were wearing an unbias shirt, or maybe a professional shirt for your organization then you wouldn’t be kicked out of the election area. turn into a news source and not a blog spot, and maybe u will have the oppurtunities news sources have.

  7. What the hell Knightnews? Your reporter is wearing a Daniel-Kevin shirt inside-out! Your bias is showing. An endorsement does not exempt you from fair reporting.

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